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Progressive Footwear

Welcome to Progressive Footwear, the sister company of SDR Progression.
If you have landed on our website, you probably already know how tricky sourcing adaptive footwear can be in the UK. Progressive Footwear was born to try and alleviate some of the challenges faced in finding footwear suitable for orthotics wearers.
As a former GB Track and Field athlete, I know first hand the importance of the correct footwear - but why should the SEN community compromise on style? I have recently partnered with the mother of a daughter with Cerebral Palsy, who has a passion to make a difference to the world that they are apart of and together we have been working behind the scenes to deliver a range of products that we hope you will love as much as we do.
Our offering has increased over time and we are now proudly supplying Billy Footwear and Friendly Shoes. These brands deliver styles that are functional and inclusive and are also perfectly aligned with our own ethos which is to support those affected by disability as best as we can.


The only socks available in the UK with a pulley system. Suitable for all.

Friendly Shoes1_edited.png

Friendly Shoes

Our shoes solve more types of footwear challenges than any other shoe technology. Created by an occupational therapist, our footwear is AFO friendly, wide fit, easy on, lightweight - and looks great!

BILLY Footwear

Smashing fashion with function, BILLY Footwear incorporates zippers that go along the side of the shoes and around the toe, allowing the upper of each shoe to open and fold over completely. Thus the wearer can place his or her foot onto the shoe footbed unobstructed. Then with a tug on the zipper-pull the shoe closes and secures overtop the user's foot. It's simple. It's easy.

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