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Partnering with the right nutrition brand was essential for SDR Progression, and after extensive research we are excited to have joined forces with Youth Sport Nutrition, the number one brand for youth nutrition.

Here at the centre, my clients train like athletes, and it is common for young athletes to not eat enough to ensure that their heightened nutritional needs are met. Take the speed at which a young person with Cerebral Palsy burns energy into account and boom. There is a need!

YSN has developed a range of products and the education to support each of them to ensure active children have everything they need to survive and thrive. Education is at the heart of YSN ethos, which is why as a brand they dovetail so perfectly with SDR Progression - it is all about laying the foundation for tomorrow.

For every YSN product that we offer, there is extensive information available should you require it.


TWO 500G BAGS FOR £47.50


NUTRI-TEEN Shakes are a delicious, nutritionally rich food powder specifically developed for active children.

Each powdered milkshake is packed with all the necessary macronutrients, vitamins and minerals to support recovery, normal growth and

NUTRI-TEEN Multivitamin and Omega-3 Gummy Bears

Our children’s chewable multivitamin and Omega-3 enriched bear-shaped gummies in a tasty tangy orange flavour. 

Specifically formulated for active children ages 3-16. Our unique formula with essential vitamins and omega 3




12 BARS £19.99

24 BAS £34.99

NUTRI-TEEN Energy snack bar

Our Berry Fusion soft oat bar, designed to fuel your youth athletes workouts. Can be used as a high-energy breakfast food, pre or in-game snack. Our nut free Mixed Berry Bars are full of Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries, a perfect on-the-go bar for any age that is delicious

The perfect PRO-TEEN Shake companion

Our YSN Zen Shakers are designed to be unleakable, unbreakable and kind to the environment.


£7.99 EACH

YSN Zen Shaker

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