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BILLY Footwear 

Billy Footwear-Born out of need that is smashing fashion with function. After breaking his neck in 1996, co-founder Billy Price became paralysed from the neckdown, losing the ability to move most of his body. As a result, he was suddenly faced with difficulties with daily tasks, such as putting on clothes. tasks which before the accident he had taken for granted. His biggest obstacle was finding shoes that were both attractive and functional that could be put on independently. Hence, as a result of this, Billy Footwear was born.

Billy Footwear specialise in adaptive shoes that are both functional and inclusive for everyone. Born out of a need that is smashing fashion with function. Their ground breaking flip-top technology design has made them quick and easy to take off making them ideal for those children and adults affected by Cerebral Palsy. SDR Progression’s ethos has always been, and still is, to help support those affected making the whole therapy process that little bit easier. Finding partners and affiliates who compliment and personify these ideals. Billy Footwear offers fashion with function. Taking Cerebral Palsy sufferers into account, and producing a quality shoe that can be adapted to different types of Orthosis. As an ex GB athlete, footwear was essential to me. However, style and comfort was equally important. Having spent years looking at different adaptive shoes, the combination of fashion and function offered by Billy Footwear opened my eyes. As a therapist, I listened to parent’s frustration at the lack of suitable options in footwear, sometimes having to resort to cutting shoes with scissors to make them fit. SDR Progression’s offering of Billy Footwear aims to help eliminate this frustration.

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