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SDR Progression offers therapy that is focused specifically for your child's capabilities and needs. This service is also extended to teenagers and adults.Therapy is offered to those suffering from Cerebral Palsy, and also those whom have had SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy) surgery which attempts to remove spasticity, allowing children to have the ability to achieve their goals.

SDR Progression provides;
* Long term commitment
* Flexible courses
* Motivation and inspiration
* Continual assessment and evaluation
* Progression Programmes
* Video analysis and feedback for you and your child
* Recommendation of other affiliates
* Correspondence with your child's other health proffesionals to ensure consistency.
SDR Progression was set up initially to focus on working with children pre and post SDR Surgery. As a result of this i have come across and currently treat children that have Cerebral Palsy but SDR Surgery is not suitable or not an option. For this reason i have also extended the service to the all that suffer from Cerebral Palsy so that i can advise and help more families.

Strength and conditioning is an important part of the child's progress, however educating the child in how to harness and apply this to functional movement(s) is SDR Progression's focus.
Regardless of how much strength and  ability a child has, this process will be applied during each session(s) in order to create  good habits.

My ethos still stays the same;
* Bespoke service 
* One to one consultations
* Progression Programmes (if required)
* Interactions with consultants, physio's, ocupational therapists etc
* Consistency
* "A steady progression towards your goals"



"How to integrate   therapy into home   life"

"How to overcome and   combat BAD HABITS"

"How to make the most   out of strength &   conditioning" 

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"Remember they are

 just kids"

How important is stretching for my child?

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